THE MEAT GRAUBÜNDEN - posso mangiare The Meat Graubünden incinta ?

Possiamo mangiare The Meat Graubünden durante la gravidanza? Scopri i rischi associati ad The Meat Graubünden durante la gravidanza.

The Meat Graubünden
Si ma...
Rischi Listeriosi, Toxoplasmosi
Informazione non è adatto per le donne in gravidanza, perché non è cotto.

During pregnancy, it is not advisable for pregnant women to eat meat from Grisons. This beef meat is a culinary speciality from Switzerland (canton of Graubünden) which presents risks of listeriosis and toxoplasmosis for non-immune pregnant women. Bündnerfleisch is a protected geographical indication. This delicatessen product has a special salting and requires multiple work steps during which it loses a large part of its initial weight. It is made with salt,Swiss Alpine herbs and spices (cloves, juniper, bay leaf, garlic and pepper ). the meat is then dried. In meals, meat from Grisons is usually eaten sliced, with bread.

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